Thursday, March 17, 2011

Personal Seamstress

While I've been away from blogging, I haven't been just idling my time away. The proof is below; I've been personal seamstress to small fry. Other than sewing up bags, I've diversified into dresses for small fry.

The lavender dress that's meant for the upcoming do in Melaka. The big patch of flowers at the front is actually a pocket (one of the criteria I had to fulfill to get small fry to promise to wear the dress).

The back of the dress is a ruffle-filled extravaganza.

The other dress for the KL do: a cream princess-cut confection in Swiss cotton topped off with tulle at the hem and punk ruffle roses.

Still in the works, a duotone dress in Italian cotton for casual wear and already completed, a party dress in chiffon with a really senget hem in one size too big (who'd have thought cutting chiffon was so tricky?).

And there's more to come....

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