Sunday, February 13, 2005

welcome myself

it's been a while. it's different here than in lomography. i blog quite faithfully there, i would say. but that's only because my pix are there and they illicit some sort of reponse from other lomo freaks. here, its...i dunno.

there's a lot of stuff going on in my head. and as i like to think and say, "if i've got nothign good to say, better not say anything at all". which explains that most of the stuff in my head are far from good.

so, anyway...

i'm reading haruki murakami's "norwegian wood". i try, i really do try. but everytime i pick up an asian writer other than an indian writer (usually the ones which are translated), i find the style and language stilted. i'm quite sure it has to do with the translation. i can imagine if i were reading the original in japanese it would not sound quite as bland or boring or weird as reading it in english. japanese and chinese writing i think are better read in their original language. somehow the subtlest hint or nuance that the language suggests is lost in the translation. and i think that is why somehow murakami's work in english don't hold me transfixed as the reviews make it out to be.

or it may be that my mind is too simplistic and used to the style of children's books in the likes of Spinelli, Pullman, or Blume.

i just don't know...
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