Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 17 : Getting The Hang of Her Feet

No, Sophie's not learned to crawl yet. She's been pulling acrobatic moves, showing me just how flexible she is by holding on to her feet, pulling her legs across her body and stuffing her toes into her mouth. I tried it myself; I can barely bring my leg close to my body while lying down, let alone stuff my toes into my mouth. At least now that she's fixated on her feet and toes, both my hands are free when I change her diapers. I need them both now because she keeps wanting to turn on her side during a diaper change even when her toes are stuffed into her mouth.

Her trip to the doc's last week turned out great: she got her shot and was so distracted by the cute chime hanging above her head that she forgot to cry. Growth rate is tracking normal. I think her weight is not growing as fast as her length. She's sprouted 4cm in a month but put on less than a kilo. As of last Thursday, she's about 7kg. Naughty girl gets distracted easily during feeds. I now must make sure she feeds from both breasts now instead of just one during a feed.

She seems to like meeting new people. Every time she sees a new face, she breaks out in a mischievous smile. She loves looking at her own reflection. even when she's crying, she'll immediately stop her wailing and put on her best behaviour for the baby looking back at her; she'll try to wow her with her biggest smile. It's a smile that can melt the hardest of hearts.

Values Vs. Rituals

Here's an interesting link to something Raja Petra wrote on Malaysia Today.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tie a Yellow Ribbon...

I'll be wearing yellow this Saturday. I'll be wearing yellow next Saturday. I'll be going shopping for more yellow to add to my wardrobe and accessories.

It's the least I can do to show solidarity to fellow Malaysians who are fed up with the current government and to show support for the recent BERSIH rally.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Patches Everywhere

There was a damp patch on the new sheets this morning. I'd fallen asleep breastfeeding Meiyin. She was sleeping too. She was still on her side facing me and I was still facing her but my boob was no longer in her mouth; it had slipped out. My nascent attempt at feeding her lying down and already an 'accident'.

Add this morning's patch to yesterday's one of her pee. New sheets attract damp patches like magnet.

Can I Get Out of This Grasp?

Stray fingers finding her mouth while dad holds her in his embrace...

Looking At The World From My Perch

I can bend forward!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 15 : She Discovered Her Hands And Feet

This week, Meiyin (gotta alternate between her two names, if not, I'm gonna forget she has a Chinese name) discovered her hands and feet.

Freshly released from the confines of her mittens, her hands have been trying to grab a hold of anything and everything that comes her way. That, and she's also stuffing her entire fist into her mouth. The stuffing came before the grabbing. She grabs my hair, she pulls my glasses off my face, she pulls ears, literally anything that comes within range. That includes her feet. She shows off her flexibility by extending her feet in a V by spreading her legs out wide when she's on her back; it's a very useful manouvre when changing her diapers. I don't have to hold on to her feet and lift up her butt anymore while cleaning her. She can hold on to her feet very well, thank you very much.

If her pacifier isn't stuffed into her mouth by bedtime in the evenings, she'll have her fists stuffed in its place. If the pacifier is in the way, she clutches on to her bug buddy to sleep. She turns in her sleep and we've had to stuff a pillow into her side to block her from turning and possibly smothering herself while she's sleeping.

Due to bad wrists from not handling her correctly from birth, I'm minimizing picking her up for her last feed at night and first feed in the morning. That, and I'm getting too lazy as well. So I turn on my side and just pop my breast into her mouth and she adoringly clutches on with both hands. If she's sufficiently awake in the morning, she'll pop off the breast once in a while and give me a toothless grin before returning to her breakfast.

Not too long more to go before she's four months old. I wonder what other new tricks she's got up her sleeves. I'm brimming with anticipation.

An Eventful Weekend

While Sophie and I spent the Deepavali weekend across the causeway with daddy, the weekend in KL was hardly uneventful. The Bersih rally took place on Nov 10 despite warnings from the police and the ruling coalition. Bless the brave rakyat for taking a stance against a corrupt government amidst threats of arrest, even a heavy downpour, to hand their petition to the agong.

here, here, here, and here for more information.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Day Out in Singapore

Snug against mom's chest.

Looking for all the world like a very contented (and chubby) baby while mom and dad tuck into lunch. That's her doggy's butt next to her head, by the way. Her two traveling companions who are ever faithful to her and go wherever she goes: her rabbit and her doggy.

A Smirk While You're Looking

One of her classics: her almost smile that looks like a smirk. This photo was taken just after she'd woken up. I guess she's still feeling sleepy, hence the half smile.

Week 14 : Happy and Rolling

She started turning about two weeks ago. She now turns every chance she gets, even in her sleep.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Best Sister in The Whole Wide World

Did I mention I have the bestest sister in the whole wide world?

"Use me when I'm free," she said. And I did. For trips to immigration, for doctor's check-ups, to the airport, homemade dinners, etc. She's been a fortress of support.

Thanks, Ling. I love you!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Making Use of Space

I went to bed with Sophia fast asleep next to me, her head aligned parallel to mine.

I woke up this morning to find her feet at my waist, her body at a 90 degree angle to mine.

I wonder how she'll fare in her crib when Daddy gets home. I've found her arm and leg sticking out from between the bars before. For a small bundle, she sure takes up a lot of space.

Before and after...

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