Saturday, May 27, 2006




Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What we look forward to on Sundays and Mondays

We are addicts. The game we are currently addicted to is Ticket to Ride: Europe. We can play this game two days in a row, two games in a row and still not get fed up with it. Yes, it is that awesome.
Redefining the rules

The game

Building the routes

So excited he has to stand up

Carriages and stations

Routes that clash, join and block

Note: all photos taken with the Nikon D70

When it all started going downhill

It began four days before my birthday, sigh...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So this is what it feels like to have your heart wrenched from you, beating and raw, dripping with blood, and then carelessly, ruthlessly thrown to the floor and stomped on till there's nothing left but bits and pieces of goo and gunk.

I'd felt it before; I'd forgotten the feeling. I thought I'd never feel it again.

I was wrong. I remember it now. It hurts just as much, if not more the second time around. Which goes to show: the best keeper of my heart is myself and no one else.

Promises are easy to make, they are easy to break; altogether a different thing when it comes to keeping them.

At the end of the day, I am left with words, just words. Nothing but empty words.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sign of the times

A couple friend of mine has just recently finalised their divorce papers. They are officially divorced. Another newly married friend of mine is having problems with his wife: it appears she is having cold feet AFTER the marriage.

What is this world coming to?

Yesterday in the taxi ride back from KLIA to our house, hubby and I had a fight. It was about various things, many of which relate back to him not spending enough time with me and me not being supportive enough.

All I know is that problems begin not when you are dating but when you are married. Marriage is a contract and a burden of commitment. Call me a pessimist but it's a fact. If both parties are not willing to make the respective commitments or if one party feels the other is not making enough of a commitment, things go downhill from there.

I have never had an optimistic view of marriage. I have seen, heard and known too many marriages that ended in spite, sorrow and tears. And yet I entered into one. I really didn't know what I was getting into. I had a hunch it would not be easy. I was right: it isn't.

And I still don't understand why people get married if they go about hurting each other even more in a marriage. In a sense, it's masochistic. Maybe we are all just selfish to a certain extent: we want to get married for our own specific reasons. We want the other person to belong to us and no other. We want the commitment and assurance. We want, we want.

Wanting is one thing. We start with the want. Doing is another, and that's the hard part.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now I know what I've been missing all along

I have a new toy.

It’s my new mobile: the Sony Ericsson K750i. Yes, I’m a copycat. I’ve gone and bought my sister’s phone. Only difference is, since I bought it much later than she did, I got it a cheaper price.

Oh, and I went out and got a crumpler for it too, and a screen protector. So now if I ever decide to murder my phone, it won’t be killed so easily: it’s somewhat insulated by the Crumpler.

I now have more fun with the K750i as an MP3 player than anything else. There’s just so much joy in varying my ringtones and working with kick-ass phone camera that I’ve suddenly developed a strong attachment to the device. I find myself staring at my phone in admiration more than once and wishing someone to call me just so I can hear the ringtone.

Call me a freak. I’m proud of it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pinscher bashing

I consider myself an animal lover but I think I’ll have to rescind that claim. One of my neighbours has the most irritating, annoying package of a miniature pinscher that yaps its head off anytime anything that resembles a living mass crawls, walks, trots or skips by their house.

I have never liked that particular yappy breed. This specific sample of a specimen goes to deepen my dislike for the sorry excuse of a dog that it is. Even my cat could squash the pound of flesh on its scrawny chicken legs.

Sunday morning I am rudely jolted awake by an incessant barking from across the road. I fight with my first urge to hurl abuses out the window. I drag my body out of bed to try to figure out what is causing the commotion and to see if I can possibly aim my scissors at the horrible annoyance.

The friendly cream dog that strolls the neighborhood is wagging its tail in the middle of the street outside right in front of the idiot pinscher and not a peep’s coming out of him while his featherweight counterpart is yapping to wake the dead and possibly, God from their Sunday morning sleep.

And then I see yappy’s owner out on the balcony whispering to his tiny tonsil to quiet down. One of those two needs to take a crash course in aggression and I know who isn’t in need of it.

Early morning outbursts aren’t the only things that little yappy loves to share with his neighbours. Outbursts anytime in the day is fine with that little idiot of a dog. God must have been in a very foul mood when he decided to create the miniature pinscher. Why else would he have stuffed a mouse deer with the personality of a cigar-toting mafia who realized what a sorry deal the one upstairs made with him and has been yapping his head off trying to tell the world ever since.

I swear, if I had poisoned meat, I’d make sure that little cockroach ate it, gagged and upped his little tail in the air on it.

Did I mention that I hate miniature pinschers?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Phone Killer!!

If they ever create a phone that withstands all sorts of shock and drops, I will be the first one to get my hands on it.

It’s official: I’m a phone killer.

I dropped my phone onto the floor yesterday. It flew apart in four pieces. These were the battery, the back cover, the top back portion of the phone, the phone itself. The covers were loose and I had to snap everything back into place. When I shoved the battery back and snapped the covers into order, the touchscreen was not responding. I thought it’d died on me for good.

Luckily, I’m not one to give up easily. Later that night, I tapped some more, jabbed a little bit, pushed a few buttons here and there and, voila! it started working again. Although my contacts and settings had all gone back to zilch (thank gawd I sync with my T41 daily), at leas the SIM had the essential contacts and I was no longer incommunicado.

I can’t remember not ever dropping any of my phones once. The worst being my old tank of a Motorola (remember those heavy things you could whack someone with and give them a concussion?). I dropped my handbag from the first floor of the mall at Sunway Pyramid all the way down to ground or lower ground, I forget which. All I know is, my handbag went splat and the contents spilled out, so did my phone. After retrieving said bag and splayed contents, I found a crack on the side of the Motorola but other than that, it worked fine. If I ever dropped any of the new-fangled phones of today the way I did that Motorola, they would not have even breath of a chance of survival.

I really need to be more careful, less clumsy and more mindful of my valuables. At this rate, I can’t ever upgrade to a pricier, feature-rich phone. What’s the point when all I do is murder my phones?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Our respective schedules for this week looks like this:

  • Tues: Singapore

  • Thur-Fri: Jakarta

  • Tues: salsa practice

  • Wed: Help out Improver class

  • Thur: salsa practice

  • Fri: Salsa Havana

This should give a clue to how much time we spend on our work. Or how much we are traveling for work. Next week he will be in Bangkok from Wednesday. I will join him on Friday and for the weekend where we will attempt to purchase items for our home. Oh, and his parents will be there too. I wonder what traveling with the in-laws will be like. I must put on best in-law behaviour, which I suspect will not last more than 30 minutes, sigh…

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