Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY My Home, Ikea-Style

It all started with the couch. Or getting rid of ours, actually.

I love the size of our old couch but despised the way I end up almost slouching off it after sitting on it for 30 minutes or more. So I'd been using the floor more often than I liked.

So, out with the old L-shaped and in with the new Ikea Ektorp. White, no less. The cheapest couch for loads of function and minimal form. With that in mind, I got a second cover in a different colour as standby. And a load of cushions in different sizes.

I was out when the small fry awoke and saw the couch for the first time. Jona related her reaction:

"Oh dear, Mummy bought a new couch!"


"It's so white!"

Yes, even a 3 year-old thinks the couch is too white.

It really is so white that it is quite blinding when the morning sun hits it from behind the full-length windows it sits against. Gives the phrase, putih berseri new meaning (we'll see how long it'll remain thus, though).

As a result, I've been busy sewing cushion covers from Ikea's mod and retro prints. Also, two matching remote control caddies. Couldn't stand the fugly black ones that are sold in Ikea, and since I have a store of material, I rigged a couple up. Actually started out with just one but the small fry conveniently hijacked the first one and my plan for just one when she started plucking out the remote controls and filling the pockets with her toy trains instead.

The dining table has suddenly gotten a burst of colour too after we had lunch at Ikea and I realised we could cover the dining table with a nice cloth too, just like how it's done at Ikea. The cloth (also from Ikea!) was as much to beautify the table and to catch stray liquid that somehow manages to leak its way under the glass and getting onto the table. At least this way, we'll have a colourful tablecloth that also acts as a sponge.

Oh, and the side table between the two- and three-seater is also Ikea-bought. Sigh, our house is now a living catalogue for Ikea.

And to think it all started with the darned couch!

Friday, June 04, 2010

When I'm Not At Home

I've had to sneak out of the house a couple of times during the small fry's nap times to minimize the fuss she makes. On one of those occasions, Jona reported to me on her conversation with the small fry when she woke up.

"Where's Mummy?"

"Mummy's gone out."

"Oh dear, naughty Mummy!"

"Why do you say Mummy's naughty?"

"Because she went out when I was sleeping!"


"Stupidlah, Mummy!"

This is the small fry at 3 years-old. I wonder what she will say when I'm away when she's teen.


It's Just A Simple Question

I needed to find out about a location of store I wanted to get to in Subang Jaya. Turns out it's harder than I thought to find out where a place is located.

I started out the conversation:

"Hi, where are you located?"

"Er..." In the background I hear her calling for another girl.


"Hi, where's your shop located?"

"Located?" Pause. "You hold on, ah." In the background I hear her calling for a guy.


"Hi, where are you located?"

It's only when the man answers and on the THIRD try that I get an answer to what I thought was a simple question, plus directions to boot. And I had to ask a total number of THREE times, addressed to THREE different people.

What is happening to the state of English and the comprehension of the language in our country? Going to pots!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Note to self: do not eat and talk.

Correction, do not have too much of a good time talking and eating. If you do, serves you right that you are awake now feeling like you could burst all seams at your sides and ends of your limbs.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Soothing Dictator

Hubby's driving the car, small fry's in her car seat and I'm seated next to her. I'm trying to have a conversation with hubby but it gets increasingly difficult with constant interruptions from small fry.

“Don’t talk, Mummy, don’t talk!”

"Don't talk!"

“Calm down, calm down.”

Pat, pat, pat, pat on my knee.

"Calm down, Mummy!"

Pat, pat, pat.

“Calm down, calm down, aaahh. Don’t talk.”

Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat.

"Don't talk."

Pat. Pat. Pat.

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