Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking Stock

A whole month gone without more than a post here and another there.


Am organizing my life.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Tomorrow is polling day. I already know which party I'll be casting my vote for: as long as it's not the ruling party. Luckily there's PKR in my area but even if there isn't, I just may vote PAS just to kick the ruling party's ass.

After going through alternative commentaries and sites on the government (who cares about what the local papers carry anyway? It's all propoganda; we all know the ruling party controls the media here), I've come to the conclusion that Malaysia's opposition does not stand a chance against BN. As long as the opposition is divided on race and religion - how do you bring together PAS and DAP? - and they indoctrinate their grassroots as such, they are playing BN's race game. And they will lose. They may take out a few parliamentary seats with them but they will not be able to topple the ruling party.

The opposition need to be united. The Chinese are not going to vote for PAS (someone I know said that he didn't want to vote for PAS and there were no other opposition candidates in his constituency and so he marked an 'O' in the box in the last election) and well, the business men (Malays, Chinese, Indian, doesn't matter) are not going to jeopardize their hold on the economy or their connections to projects by handing the opposition votes.

And so I will be casting my vote in a predominantly Malay, BN-controlled area. I just hope that whatever little it is that I'm doing will count in the future.

Monday, March 03, 2008


With helmet-in-training, swashbuckling with daddy over the weekend. She loves a good fight, with or without the helmet.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wild At Heart

On the way out to lunch with my parents, we saw a neighbour's cat do battle with a baby cobra on the side of one of the main roads at our residential area. Well, Rizal says it was a baby cobra. And it was more like the cat was having a field day bullying the baby cobra. We actually turned the car around and stopped by the side of the road to capture the moment on the digicam.

The cat toyed with the snake in the grass for long enough and had driven it from the cool of the grass and shade of the trees onto the smoking hot tarmac road. The poor thing must have felt the heat because it looked like it was trying to keep its body off the road by flipping and moving in short jerky movements. It tried to get back up from the road onto the grass but the cat was there and it wasn't going to let the snake go back to the shade without giving it a run for its money.

We didn't stay long to watch or to record; we were running late. We also didn't tell the guards there was a fight going on. The way things were going, the snake was probably going to lose anyway. Although Rizal did mention that if it was a baby, the parents and siblings were probably around. Oops. As an afterthought, I was glad we have screens on all our windows and doors.

When we got home, neither animal was in sight. "The cat probably killed the snake and took it home as a present," Rizal concluded.

I hope we don't bump into the parents or siblings of said snake.

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