Friday, December 17, 2010

A Stark Reminder

We don't have a stellar history when it comes to plants. In fact, I would say our history is downright dismal, when it comes to plants.

So when I was at Ikea with the small fry, on a mission to get some new shelving and bric-a-brac, I spotted some lovely bulbous plants with fairly pretty pink blooms. They smelled great, to boot. Given our sorry history with plants, I stood there for a few minutes contemplating if we should give our green thumbs another try. As an added measure, I thought I'd ask small fry's opinion.

"Sayang, what do you think about this plant? It's pretty, isn't it? It's pink! Should we get it?"

She looked pointedly at me and then at the plant.

"But it will DIE, Mummy!" (emphasis hers, not mine)

Right, leave it to the 3 year-old to point out the obvious.

Of course, I put the pot back and we walked away sans plant.
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