Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm rushing on a deadline, have hung out the laundry, am writing on a buzz while my eyes feel like they want to pop out of my head, thinking of dinner tomorrow and dreading having to fold the laundry, wondering if I have time to stop by to look for a nice pair of shoes for Sophia after her class tomorrow, and having a million other things on my mind.

What's the hubby doing? Snoring on the couch. How blissful.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Two successive visits by nenek and then kong-kong and po-po have left Sophia somewhat tantrum prone and demanding of attention.

While I love that she gets to spend time with her grandparents, it's the withdrawal symptoms after the encounters that I find difficult to deal with and very trying of my patience.

So far, she has not been cooperative in either of her classes, preferring to go her own way or do her own thing, generally this means rolling around on the carpet at Kindermusik and heading to the playthings at JWT. It wouldn't be so bad if the other tots were rolling around with her but it seems as if she's on her own agenda, stomping around to her own tune and finally collapsing and rolling around on the carpet. Worse, she doesn't want to give back the musical implements or toys used in the sessions. Not only does she not want to put them back in the basket or sack, she goes into a crying fit when I put them back for her. It's quite distressing when I know she can and used to give back the toys when required of her.


She doesn't like being in her stroller for long periods at a time now. While doing some grocery shopping at Marketplace after her Kindermusik session, she started whining so I set her down to walk. Bad idea. She would not leave the aisles because she was either 1) poking her little fingers at the toiletries on the shelves that she can reach or trying to lug the pack of disposable diapers off the shelf to use as a 'horse', 2) too engrossed in going the other direction from me, and just plain ignoring my calls to her. Finally, I stuck her back in her stroller amidst some struggling and she let me know her displeasure by crying out and braying like a donkey for the rest of my shopping. Yup, she attracted stares and looks. Serves her right for throwing a tantrum. Finally I stuck her pacifier in her mouth to shut her up (I'd taken it away earlier because she kept throwing it and her cloth down to the ground to show her displeasure).

I must admit I'm somewhat dreading her after-class session tomorrow for fear of a repeat performance. I just hope she behaves in class, gets tired after and knocks off straight away.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pool, The POOOOOOL!!!

Not much sun and plenty of drafty wind; still, it was another good day at the pool, as evidenced by the little cherub's delighted expression.


We started off fine: all birdbrains perched on the rail. And then...

...One decided against better judgment.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We Should Have More Days Like These

It was a cloudy day. There wasn't anyone else in the pool. She had fun but I wouldn't call it swimming. It was more splashing than anything else. And she went under for about 1 second when dad wasn't looking. She recovered and had more fun. Didn't want to get out. Made a fuss when the towel was brought out and wrapped around her. But she had another splashing session in her tub later.

He Ain't Furry, He's My Brother

She does love her cats. If she could get even an inch close to Trixie, I bet she'd do the same. But then again, this is her good side. Together with the hugs she adminsters, there're the kicks, slaps, fur-pulling, fist bashing, etc.

Only Pixel has skin and a layer of fat thick enough to withstand her abuses.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

My second installment for Notes From Venus is up.
Check out
this month's Please Do Not Feed.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bleary-eyed At 1am

Chasing a deadline, overlooked another.
Rewrites, edits; fickle clients.
Don't complain, just work harder - Randy Pausch.
Broken glasses taped together barely hanging on to my ear.
New one delayed by the rain.
Pack tomorrow, flight in the pm.
ppbbbrrrttthhhhhhhh... .

The Milestone That Almost Rolled Away

Before I forget, Sophia started walking sometime between her 13th month mark and her 13.5 month mark. I don't know exactly when. All I know is one minute she was crawling around on her mat at home and the next, she was so focused on getting to the colourful ball at the playgym that she was actually walking. It was definitely that one day at the playgym that triggered the neurons that made her realise that she could do this all on her own, more than once.

Then again, it could also have been all the other kids walking all around her while she was the only lazy one crawling.

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