Wednesday, August 18, 2010

El Porto

Here's the infamous bag, the El Porto. Design credits go to Nancy Langdon at Studio Tantrum. Of course, I didn't come up with the design or pattern on my own! Too lazy, heheh. Excuse the blurriness of the shots; hands tired and shaky (no coffee) and was too lazy to shoot all over again. Sigh.

My take on the El Porto - with my usual gear stuffed inside. One of these side pockets holds my two expandable shopping bags.

The other end: also stuffed.

Close up: stuffed with my key pouch in the Mezzaluna Pocket and my handphone and card pouch in the zippered pocket. The green bit is also a pocket.

The fully- faced cut-out pocket: with attached key ring and my eye drops are in this pocket.

Another view: in one of the two side pockets is my packet of tissue.

In the main body: sweater, iPod (in an inner pocket), big ass earphones, tupperware of snacks for small fry,  purse, small face towel, small fry's cloth, all with room to spare and a few side pockets empty.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Creative Assessment

Small fry is unrelenting in putting her dirty shoe up on my thigh and my newly made bag while we're on the train.

"Stop it, babe! Please take your foot off my bag. Your shoes are dirty!"

"Mummy, did you make this bag?"

"Yes, I did."

"Mummy, it's not very pretty."

Yeah, shoot me, why don't you? After I spent two backbreaking afternoons tracing the patterns and cutting the material. As well as a whole Saturday of ignoring both her and her Daddy while sewing the multiple pieces, pockets and zips together, and almost sewing my finger into the bag in the process.

But it was worth the mountain of effort because it is my best bag ever! Daddy was so impressed that he got over his grumpiness at being ignored and proclaimed that it was all worth it because it looked totally awesome. He even went on to say that if sis saw my bag, she'd probably want it for herself, hahah.

All that and today the small fry announces that it's not very pretty.

I guess it's time to take it up with the bag designers at Farbenmix/Studio Tantrum then. It can't possibly be my choice of colours and fabric.

Maybe a few years from now when she's battling with me for use of my bags, I can throw her comment back into her face.

I just can't wait for her to see the yet-to-be-made skirt when it's completed and that she helped pick out the fabric for.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Johnny Polanco, High Heels And Me

Shake it, shake it, shake it!

La Cucaracha



Monday, August 09, 2010

High Heels And Johnny Polanco

I was missing my salsa the other day. So while having lunch at home, I blasted Jimmy Polanco on the Book and was bopping in my seat while the small fry was being read to.

Salsa music just gets my blood moving and my feet itching to dance. So I dug out my dance shoes, strapped them on and tried out a few rusty moves.

Not to be left behind, small fry scampered down from her perch on the dining chair and skittered around my legs as I moved. Tried carrying her and mambo-ing a bit but the small fry ain't so small anymore.

When I took off my shoes, she promptly put them on and since the music was on, shimmied her little butt to the music too. Hahah, small fry will turn out to be a salsa dancer yet. And more of a pro at wearing heals than her mum.

When and if I ever get the photos uploaded into the Book, I'll post them for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Feels Like A Collar

My dad loves cute little doodads and all manner of beautiful but useless things. We've got a closetful of beautiful Swarovski crystal, loads of knick-knacks lying around the house and a gorgeous blue silk Persian rug which is was destroyed by a bout of accidental washing.

On his recent work trip to Japan, he bought a bunch of trinkets. One of them is the cutest little Japanese which you attach to your mobile phone. Of course, I immediately put it on my phone. It's just too darned cute not to put on.

I love how it dangle coyly from my phone, peaking out from the pouch. It hangs from one side of the pouch while on the other, my ceramic fat cat hangs out.

I only wish I could dampen the sound of the bell that jingles inside its round little kimono. I feel like a cat with one of those collared bells, announcing my every step to all and sundry.

I can't sneak very quietly away to anywhere now. That darned kimono lady announces my intention with my first step.

Now I know why I take the bells off any collars that I've purchased for my cats. And I've purchased many. Not that the collars stay on them for long. I always take pity on their valiant efforts to claw those damned things off and end up taking it off for them myself.

So now I've got my own 'collar' of sorts. It's OK, I guess I can live with the annoying tinkling for a bit. The kimono lady is just too cute to leave sheltered in a box somewhere.

The Perils of Driving In KL

Note to self: keep my mouth shut while driving or in the passenger seat in KL.

I have a horrible potty mouth when driving in KL. I can't help it; most KL drivers are nothing but morons in disguise and they bring out the worst in me.

Coming out from the car park at The Curve, an errant driver blocked out exit by trying to enter the lane we were in from the wrong direction. Of course, he was clearly in the wrong. But instead of backing up, he had the audacity to wait for us to back up to let HIM cross. Hubby of course, didn't budge. Ultimately the idjet had to back up and let us cross.

But before he did, there I was putting in my own two cents about the idjet's total lack of character and morals, "Such an asshole!" I spat out. I cannot tolerate people with no road courtesy and I can't not say anything about it.

From the back seat, the small fry pipes up, "You're such an asshole, Daddy!"

Oops. Mummy and her big mouth.

Daddy promptly says, "Mummy's so stupid! Sophie, say 'Mummy's so stupid!'".

"Mummy's so stupid!"

Great, Dad. Thanks for encouraging her; we're raising another potty mouth.

The consolation? At least I don't drive in Singapore and we're only back here about once a month.
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