Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loosening The Apron Strings

We went diaperless on our trip to Ikea Tampines today.

We took the train, then waited 30 minutes too long for the shuttle bus to get there. No matter, she thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

And then went bonkers at Ikea, sampling the bounciness of most of the couches, running around barefoot in the children's section, also testing out the firmness of the beds, played hide-and-seek with Jona, tortured us through lunch by eating only fries, and basically enjoyed herself silly that morning.

And had no accidents whatsoever from the moment we stepped out of the house till we got home.


Baby girl's growing up.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Artist Or Rapist?

If you don't already know, Roman Polanski was arrested by the Swiss auhorities recently. The crime? The film director drugged and anally raped a 13-year old girl in 1977. The original charge of rape was reduced to sex with a minor. The director then fled the US to avoid sentencing. He has lived abroad in Europe till his arrest recently. The director's 'friends', among the likes of whom are Salman Rushdie, Woody Allen, Milan Kundera, and Isabelle Adjani, are rallying beside him.

Wait a minute. What is the matter with these people? Talents aside, what happened to their decent moral values. Oh hang on. They're stars. They DON'T HAVE moral values. According to Whoopi Goldberg, it wasn't 'Rape-rape'. So Whoopi, what exactly constitutes rape-rape?

A rape is a rape is a rape. The bottom line is, the man committed a heinous, despicable, indefensible act. Enforced upon a young child. Imagine that child to be your daughter/sister/cousin/niece/friend/neighbour or just someone you know. I have a daughter. I cannot imagine her being violated in even the most benign way; the thought of it just sickens me.

For those who feel that Polanski has learned his lesson and suffered enough, take a look at an excerpt of an interview he did with novelist Martin Amis in 1979:

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”

Now people, is that the mind of someone who is sorry for what he's done? Or do you even think that was the first or last young girl that he violated or raped?

Rapists deserve to be judged, treated and sentenced for the crime they have committed. A fugitive child rapist - because essentially that is what this supposed brilliant director is - deserves no less. Just because you make films that people adore doesn't give you a ticket out. It doesn't give you a different set of rules to operate by.

I hope they get him, and that they get him real good.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

White Choc Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

The recipe needs some tweaking. I cut down a little bit of the sugar but apparently that wasn't enough. The cookies are still damn sweet. So sweet that I felt immediately full when I caught the first whiffs of the aroma wafting out of the oven. So sweet that hubby's teeth ached after trying one.

In his words, "If these weren't so sweet, they'd be awesome!"

Right. Next time I will make sure to halve the sugar in the recipe. Before I get to the next batch though, there's the matter of this current batch to finish off.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


It never fails to happen. I ALWAYS leave my writing assignments till the last possible minute. Happened when I was in school, back in college, then in university and even now when I have writing deadlines.

Like now. When I should be researching and writing. What do I do instead? Distract myself with all manner of things on the Web instead.

It's procrastination central here. And I'll dearly pay for it when deadline rolls around the corner. Heck, it's already around the corner, short of tripping me up and sending me flying headfirst into a collision with oncoming traffic.

I'm doomed.

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday, we had a number of firsts in the household:
  1. Sophie's new bed from ikea arrived
  2. I made okomiyaki (and it was delicious!)
  3. Hubby started his chicken breast diet
So, doing item 1 and 2 were fun. Sophie was beyond herself with excitement when I opened up the package from ikea and started to assemble the bed. She not only wanted to sleep in her bed right away, hence egged me on to hurry up and complete it, but she tried in her own way to help too. This means emptying all the screw, nuts and bolts from the package and at one point, throwing a couple to the far end of the room. Not climbing over the bed frames as Jona and I were assembling them was too much of temptation to miss out on. And finally when the mattress was put on the bed, she didn't want to get off for us to put the sheets on. When we were finally done, she went down for her nap about 2 hours later than usual, about 2.30pm.

Preparing and cooking okonimiyaki was just as fun, if not counterproductive. Instead of enjoying dinner at the dinner table, I ate standing up at the kitchen counter, munching on my kewpie-mayo and tonkatsu drenched pancake as I cooked more batches of okonimiyaki. The dish is best eaten hot off the pan or griddle, that's why most Japanese, when they have it at home, cook it on a portable hotplate on the kitchen table. Or that's how I remember my host family eating it anyway.

Hubby's dinner was more bland. And a tad weird, according to him. It was a recipe for chicken thigh that I took off Good Health magazine and incorporated into chicken breasts. There were lemons and oranges and lentil involved. So much for his diet though, as he had more than his fair share of okonomiyaki as well.

All in all, it was a good day. Small fry went to bed in her own bed and I got to sleep through the whole night in my own bed too! What a blast!

Thank goodness for affordable kidtastic ikea furniture and bedding.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Totoro Mania

Move over, Elmo! Totoro mania has taken over at our house, with no signs of letting up.

We've been watching Totoro (in Japanese) after her evening shower every evening for a little over a week now. She exclaims excitedly when any of the Totoros show up. "See, see! It's the Totoro!"; "Oh, ooooh! It's the Totoro!"; "Gasp! It's holding the umbrella, Mummy!". The Cat Bus too. "The Cat Bus! The Cat Bus!" She explains (to herself? To Daddy?) what happens in the cartoon. Her most averse reaction is when the closing theme song ends. Then she wails. This never happened with Elmo. She was always willing to go to sleep when the credits rolled around. Not so with Totoro.

She still clutches her little Totoro around with her everywhere. And is still stuffing it's ears into her nostril. Miraculously, it is just a very slight tinge of grey. I also wiped off a bit of pumpkin off it when she wanted it to share her lunch with her.

She does her Totoro puzzle everyday. It's actually a 4-part puzzle. There are four different puzzles, ranging from 15, 35, 54 and 80 pieces. She likes doing all three but reserves the 80-piece cat bus puzzle for me. She's designated it as Mummy's puzzle and nobody else can do it.

I bought her a Totoro picture book a few days back, only because she was asking for it and she likes reinforcing her love for her favourite characters at bedtime with books. Every and any time she mentions Totoro, there's a glimmer in her eye and delight in her voice, "Totoro! Totoro! The Totoro!"

At night before bed, singing the two Totoro theme songs are mandatory. "Mummy, please sing the 'arugo' song? And the flying Totoro song."

When she awoke from her nap this afternoon, the first thing she started babbling about was Totoro and the cat bus. I think she was telling me something about Totoro riding the cat bus, etc. She may have dreamnt about Totoro, it's most likely. In any case, she couldn't stop talking about Totoro and the cat bus.

Daddy wanted to get her a stuffed Totoro even though I know in KL, I have two - the grey one and the blue one. I just have to dig them out from where I stashed them. That might take some time. Luckily, a store at Vivo City was selling the Totoro merchandise for 50% off, so we got her one. She hasn't stopped hugging it and playing with it since we got it this afternoon. As testimony to how much she's been hanging on to it and swinging it by the arms, the seams on one of its arms are starting to show some wear.

This evening, she started singing along to the opening song, 'A Walk' (the arugo song). It was pretty impressive. And darned cute!

I'm just wondering why Totoro is fascinating her so much. Maybe it's the fact that all three of the Totoro look like blobs and are really cute. They just bob along, they fly and they do cool things. And they travel in the Cat Bus.

I wonder how long her fascination will last. Even though doing the puzzles everyday is kinda getting to me, I hope she stays fascinated for a while longer.

Friday, October 02, 2009


Sophia and her classmate, Chiara, met up after class for a playdate. Actually, it was more like the mommies decided that the kids needed to play together while we sat down to chat. Chiara's 10-year old brother, Tony, joined us because Chiara's mom managed to 'bribe' him to babysit the girls. The price? A toy dart gun from Toys R Us.

We set up shop at Spinelli's and I brought out the markers, stickers, paper and books. Tony had fun drawing but insisted that he couldn't draw properly with a marker. Chiara had fun with the Thomas (Tank Engine) and princess stickers. Sophie hijacked part of my ginger cookie and was more intent on eating and lounging on my lap than socialising or drawing.

After hanging around the tables for a tad too long, we instructed Tony to play with the girls and to get them up and running. Sophia, who normally doesn't take to other kids, let alone boys, promptly followed Tony's lead and the two girls headed with the boy out towards a more open area to romp and play, the girls to romp and Tony to practice aiming at the wall with his little dart gun. To his credit, Tony was really good with the girls, entertaining them with the dart gun and not getting too carried away with it himself but paying the girls attention too.

It turned out the dart gun fascinated both girls, especially Sophia, who squealed in delight every time the foam dart left the gun. In no time, she took to following Tony around, 'assisting' him by picking up the darts, bringing them to him and intently watching him load the gun. When he sat in a corner to fiddle with the gun, she sat next to him, watching closely. Pretty soon, she figured out how to shoot it (!!) and when Tony disappeared back to the tables for a break sans gun, I could hear her hollering, "Tony! Where are you? Can you help me, please?" Turns out she had the gun and needed help with it.

"Wow, Tony. You're a popular guy," I told him. Tony turned to look at me and said, "She calls me 'Bony', y'know."

Oh dear.

Not only does my daughter now know how to handle a gun, albeit a toy dart gun, but she also seems to be taking liberties with names.

Of course, once one of the girls decides that holding the gun is fun, the other wants it too. So Chiara came by and took the gun from Sophia. When I told the small fry (Sophia) she had to share, she burst out, "Dowan to SHARE!" and promptly threw herself onto the floor into a temper tantrum.

This happened a couple of times. In the end, we took a break for lunch (chicken nuggets for the girls and wraps for mommies and brother), and after we had gotten their attention away from the gun, they started running around looking for pigeons.

All in all, a pretty typical playdate for the day, other than the fact that she took to 10-year old Tony so well and the major temper tantrums. But then again, she is only two.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Knowing Who To Milk It From

"Oh, babe. Looks like we're running out of puzzles to do," I tell Sophie as we are keeping her Mickey puzzle. We've exhausted her puzzle collection twice over in the day.

"That's why kong-kong and po-po have to buy new puzzles. Sophie has no more puzzles," she quips.

Consumerism starts at 2.

Puzzle Mania

Sophia loves jigsaw puzzles. LOVES them. Not a day goes by without her bringing out her Pooh, Mickey, animal or Totoro puzzles. Not just once a day, frequently three or four times a day.

The downside to having a puzzle crazy child is that I have to do the puzzles with her. Usually she doesn't require any help. She just wants you to sit with her and turn the pieces the right side around. Or she'll take out a puzzle for you to do while she does another.

We have a few sets of puzzles we recycle over and over and over again daily. Over. And. Over. And. Over. AND. OVER.

It's starting to drive me bonkers.

I think I may just go out there and get myself a 1000 piece puzzle just to crack the monotony.

A New Addition

I spent about 45 minutes at the office of Janome's sole agent just up the road from where we live, watching the sales engineer teach me about the sewing machine I was about to purchase.

It was a done deal. I just wanted to know more about the machine and how to thread the needle and other basic stuff I should know before I got it.

They took only cash. The machine cost $299 and I had $160 on me.

Since I lived close by and had no car, he endevoured to deliver both me and the machine home and collect the cash after delivery too.

Now I can start on those projects I've been eyeing in my craft books.

Another Milestone

Small fry has graduated from referring to herself as 'Popie' and "Popiah' to actually saying her name, Sophie and Sophia.

Right around the time that Eve and Genie left yesterday.

After her nap today, while I was cutting up pineapple and Jona was helping her with her taufufa, she hollered, "Momiiiiieeeee!! Can you please feed Sophia?"



So while the rest of the country were reeling from the tremor from an earthquake off Padang that shook buildings at around 6.15pm, I was at the Mac, groggy from a nap, wondering if my slight swaying left and right was because of my heartbeat pumping up a storm through my head. You know when it's really quiet and all you can hear is your heartbeat pounding in your head and it makes you feel like you're moving to its beat?

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jona notices that the water in the bowls are quivering and the bunch of bananas hanging off the cupboard is swaying. She doesn't think to ask until several minutes later.

And then I look at her and go, "Oh, so it wasn't me feeling blur and groggy?"

"No! The water was moving and the bananas were swinging!"


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